Thursday, June 20, 2019

Blue Chucks, our signature red lipstick and super official media passes. Clearly Brenda and I were ready to take on the Miami Dolphins training camp. First order of business? Special access to “The Bubble”. Walking through the rotating doors and into the indoor (but still kind of outdoor?) practice field was like stepping through the screen of the ESPN channel and right onto the field. This up close & personal access was something I only saw from reporters on TV –  and today I was going to have MY chance to talk to the players and get to know a little more about the personalities behind the jerseys.



Before we got started we were given a run down on our do’s and don’ts… don’t stay too close to the sideline, do watch out for the players (didn’t have to tell me twice, I saw many cheerleaders get taken out back in my Varsity cheerleading days!) don’t take wide shots (can’t give away the Dolphin play secrets!) etc. We also had to stay very quiet while inside The Bubble, so we took the opportunity to snag some selfies, because if there’s not a selfie to prove it– it didn’t actually happen, right?


We got our shots and practice wrapped up… but I should be more specific: practice in the bubble wrapped up and now the team (and we!) were headed out into the sun to get some more training time in. If the rookies hope to make the cut they have to be able to handle the South Florida heat! While the players sweated it out on the field, we sweat it out in the stands and chatted with the dedicated fans that came out for the chance to preview the 2014 team. Let me clarify what I mean by dedicated… we met fans that came down from Chicago (yep, all the way from Chicago just to watch training camp!), and if that isn’t impressive enough for you, we met a group of Dolphins fans that crossed a little pond called the Atlantic and came all the way over from England. There should be an award for that.


Talking with the fans was awesome. It’s amazing the stories I hear every time I cover an event for South Florida Ford. But once the horn went off and signaled that practice was over, it was time to head out to grab a few interviews with the players. Every person you interview is different and it was great practice to tailor my interview style to fit the interviewee. These players had just finished hours of practice, were tired, sweaty, and hungry… and the last thing I want to get between is a 6’5″ man and his lunch! We kept the interviews upbeat, fun and quick so the guys could get back to the locker room.

After some interviews we met up with Pro Bowl punter Brandon Fields and 2 time Pro bowl long snapper John Denney to see if we had what it takes to compete on the field with the pros! Our listening skills were A+… our execution on the other hand might need some work. I made my punt to the line of scrimmage, that’s all that matters right?

Well now you’ve read about it and seen some shots… check out the full video below.


Note: I had to share this awesome experience with you guys while it was fresh on my mind — but I’ll be sharing  those healthy recipe alternatives you’ve been waiting for very soon! I’ve gotten requests for reduced sugar smoothies as well as easier ways to incorporate greens into your diet for picky eaters, but it’s not too late — send me your requests!

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