Thursday, June 20, 2019

The media booth. The view from these seats in Marlins Park is unlike any in the rest of the stadium. And with great seats comes great responsibility.

Have you ever dreamt of being an announcer, a color man? Do your friends always tell you you make interesting comments during the game? Well, as Jerry Seinfeld once informed George Costanza, they tend to give those jobs to ex ballplayers and people that are, you know…in broadcasting.

Fear not, Marlins fan – with #SFFSports there’s always a chance to experience the otherwise impossible.

Hit us on Twitter @SoFlaFord and nominate someone you think should be our Guest Broadcaster for the day.

They’ll experience:

– The Pre-Game Broadcast featuring a player interview

– A ballpark tour and on field view of batting practice

– Finally, a visit to the radio broadcast booth.

…now you’re in the biz.

Winner selected Thursday June 26th in the afternoon.

Winner must be at ballpark at 3:30PM on Friday, June 27th.



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