Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Awesome free apps for your Mobile VR Headset

Virtual reality is the most popular kid at the tech party right now. If you’re in the know, products like Oculus Rift, Sony Playstation VR and Samsung Gear VR are on your radar. And because there’s a hack for everything, you don’t need $600 to experience VR. We can DIY this.

Come in the cardboard mobile VR headset, originally released by Google as a set of plans a user can follow to build their own using cardboard and a few other materials. However, if you’re not into home ec, you can attend Filmgate and stop by its first ever #FORDISTAS Virtual Reality Pavilion and pick up an assembled pair for free.

And because we’re hooking you up with a sweet pair of mobile VR headsets, we’ve also compiled a list of the our five favorite free apps you can download for your immersive experience. 

Star Wars VR… because obviously.

New York Times VR for the news and documentary junkies.

The North Face: Climb because we wouldn’t base jump in Yosemite Park otherwise.

Castrol EDGE Virtual Drift because when else would you race blind in the real world?

Orbulus if you want some art and culture with your VR.

Google Cardboard for all your worldly VR Google Earth escapades.

For more information on #FORDISTAS Virtual Reality Pavilion open February 26-28, click here.

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