Sunday, May 19, 2019

Astari Nite, a local band created four years ago when lead singer Mychael Ghost and drummer Illia Tulloch met and found out they had something in common–a sound yet to be discovered. This sound would be with out a doubt Astari Nite’s signature melancholic and dark, yet poetic, melody. Albert Grey on the guitar and bassist Lucia Peluffo are the other two members that complete Astari Nite’s constellation.

We met up with Mychael Ghost after his performance this past Friday at Mamushka, here’s what he has to say about his life and music philosophy.

Three words to describe Mychael Ghost: Introverted, petrified, Aloof

What do you find in music  that you can’t find any place else? Music can trigger a certain feeling out of thin air or an idea. It also connects people. I tend to use music to remember memories that try to banish themselves from my mind.

What do your songs talk about? The make believe, true romance, saying goodbye… I believe these are topics that everyone, to a certain extent, can relate to. This is what I speak of, it’s what I know.

Your favorite music era?
To say that I don’t admire the post Punk era would be a shy lie: The Cure, New Order, Pulp, Siouxsie and the Banshees, The Smiths, Modern English. Those are some of the bands that I favored in that time of brilliant music. I’m very fortunate to say that Astari Nite has either met or played with some of them.

What other art complements your art?
Arts compliment each other in many different ways. It’s all the same (yet different) just through another artists perspective. It’s sounds, colors on a canvas, a ballerina floating through the air, love, laughter, a child holding a balloon on a winter day…. These thoughts are what compliment my so called “art.”

What’s a typical Friday night in Miami for Mychael?
I often find myself reading comic books, reading lips in loud night clubs, and  then dreaming a bit.

What’s Astari Nite for you?
アスタリ夜 is the air that I breathe, it’s what keeps me alive, and allows me to rest at night knowing that we have touched a few people with our music.

Find more about Mychael Ghost and Astari Nite here!

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