Monday, March 25, 2019

Anyone can be a filmmaker: Fordistas Micro-Film Contest

The Fordistas Micro-Film Contest isn’t just for professional filmmakers. In fact, the contest celebrates vision and creativity from anyone… with a camera phone and vision, that is. In this spirit, we’ve invited South Florida bloggers to submit their own entry and prove that creativity lies in the eye of the camera holder. First up, Cris Ramos of The Emerald Journal

Anyone can be a filmmaker.

Seriously? Seriously.

I fancy myself quite the written and visual artist, but as far as film? I’d probably check the aspirational box on that one… until now.

It could be the millennial in me finally embracing the digital revolution I was born into, but I’m beginning to have an appreciation for short form. Telling stories in just a few minutes or seconds is an easy way to express ourselves and experience art. Jason Silva, a big advocate on the power of short videos, dedicates his career to sharing inspiration… in just a few minutes at a time. This is a great example of how film is a far more accessible medium than it has ever been.

It’s easy and anyone can do it.

Filming, or micro-filming to be precise (and less intimidating), is just an easier way for us to capture life. Snippets of artistic expression right at our fingertips.

We are all natural artists, and with today’s readily accessible smart phones and snazzy editing apps, we can suspend these moments… creating a visual time capsule. A micro-film, if you will.

In the spirit of film and the elements that define it, take a look at my Fordistas Micro-Film entry below.


















Happy filming! To learn more and submit your own entry to the Fordista Micro-Film Contest, visit

WORDS BY Cris Ramos 

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