Monday, March 25, 2019

Afrobeta Rocks Mooncakes in Miami Beach


Afrobeta, the Miami electro-pop duo that dazzles the city with its music and theatrical flair, released Mooncakes in South Florida this weekend– and by that we mean their latest album.

Dream About You is a psychedelic journey through beats, revealing a soul-piercing honesty we can’t get enough of. Lead singer Cuci and producer Smurphio deliver on a refreshing album, complete with a 25-piece orchestra (Nu-Deco Ensemble). Underneath the lighting of the moon and their disco ball, the band played songs from their new album with wild abandon.

The local duo (and real life couple) wanted to make their breakout reveal a family-friendly event, but of course, added their unique spin… enter the mooncakes. This distinct treat is perhaps the perfect dessert-sized representation of Afrobeta. The round pastry filled with lotus beans is typically eaten with family and friends during the Chinese Lunar Festival. They’re a special and tasty delicacy to be enjoyed with a group in search of something greater than themselves.


While the Chinese Lunar Festival usually takes place in September, we all operate on Miami time… so crowds of fans and their families gathered to pay homage to the moon and one of our favorite bands in mid-October. The ocean served as a casual backdrop to the band’s loungey music, making an ideal canvas for the neon stage props and psychedelic lights. The audience swayed to the kaleidoscope of colors and rhythms, cold beer and ice cream in hand.

Even car2go, South Florida’s teeniest communal mode of transportation, showed their support for the Afrobeta. Attendees were granted free minutes and parking!

Supporting the local music scene has become pivotal as Miami continues to carve a name for itself as a city where artists of all kinds can thrive. The Afrobeta duo is one among a group of artists dedicated to bringing South Florida a thread of its idiosyncratic talent, which we imagine as a glitter-filled pastry riding a rainbow.

Take a listen to the sweet sounds of our favorite South Florida band below:





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