Sunday, May 19, 2019

A Different Feel

Once the game was over on Sunday you probably thought the obvious had just happened. They are who we thought they were and we ended up losing – here we go again!  But at some point during the first half didn’t you also get the feeling of “WAIT A SECOND!” Is that our defense being physical and keeping the Texans offense at bay even though they had numerous scoring opportunities? After our offense couldn’t execute the way we would’ve wanted them to, didn’t you get the feeling of, “we might have a chance if our defense plays like this the whole game and Tannehill moves the ball up field.”  Then, reality struck again after a couple of interceptions and we’re right back where we’re accustomed.

Any Given Sunday

But that’s the beautiful thing about football, Sunday is around the corner and it’s opening day for South Florida and the Dolphins. The excitement is building and we get to try it all over again.  This time around there will be thousands of screaming fans wearing aqua green and orange.  Combine these factors with the first quarter defense that showed up against the Texans and perhaps a motivated Tannehill that has a breakthrough game and BOOM! – we got ourselves an opening day win and our hopes back alive! Don’t forget what a win can do to the confidence of our players, especially our younger talent.

The Perfect Combination

New Sunday, new coach, new quarterback, new season, new beginning.  It’s the perfect combination to forget these past unsuccessful years and finally see the light with a Dolphins win! This can only be possible with the help of our die hard fans who will be there to cheer and perhaps see the beginning of a new era that can only be better than the last one. It shouldn’t take much for that to happen. So as a fan you have a choice, stick to the past and have a pessimistic outlook or see the potential and cheer this team on to change the unwanted culture we’re definitely tired of.  I know who I’ll be cheering for on Sunday. You’ve got to do your part.  GO DOLPHINS!

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