Wednesday, June 19, 2019

New on the podcast: Michelle Lisa Polissaint on how to love like a woman

Fordistas, the podcast is a series bringing to life the stories of artists, makers and innovators showing their work in South Florida and changing our cultural landscape.

Michelle Lisa Polissaint is the curator and mastermind behind To Love Like A Woman, an 8-woman multi-format ensemble showing at The Annex. Michelle is an artist, curator and all around badass shining a light on topics in our culture that need more air time.

Cris Ramos hosts this conversation covering a wide-range of topics:

  • The concept behind To Love Like A Woman, showing at The Annex
  • How women show love in their relationships and work
  • How your partner cannot take the pressure of being everything for you, you must fulfill yourself first
  • Women’s societal pressure to take on the emotional labor in all relationships
  • The ugly side of love
  • The importance of showing up with love in all types of relationships, not just our romantic ones

Please enjoy episode 2 of #Fordistas, the podcast with Michelle Lisa Polissaint on:



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