Sunday, May 19, 2019

A Wynwood Art Walk Experience by: Tristin Jones

6:30 pm Fordistas Comments Off on A Wynwood Art Walk Experience by: Tristin Jones

    A potential tropical downpour wasn’t enough to keep people from flooding the streets of Wynwood this second Saturday.  The usual attractive, eclectic, and energetic crowds were making their rounds visiting the galleries, grazing at the food trucks, and congregating inside Wynwood Walls.  Before I get to all the happenings going on outside of the Product/81 Gallery, let’s talk about what was happening on the inside.  It was the first of two poster exhibition’s for our Fordista Marcello Ibanez, and let me tell you…he knows how to bring a crowd.  Setting the vibe with his innovative artwork, charismatic personality, and friendly following…Marcello’s exhibition rocked the house. 


   Speaking of rock, our Gallery got treated to a live performance by Minimal all while La Mano Fria took a break from DJ-ing to put on a live art performance.  I pulled Marcello aside from his exhibition duties to grab a quick interview with him that was…well, as lively as he is.  He took me through the process of creating his original works of art while simultaneously describing as many of them as he could.  Between takes, he was constantly being approached by admirers congratulating him on the first of his series as a Fordista.  We wrapped the interview, and I headed outside.  First stop, the Purple People Eatery to get my Fordista burger (which is pure deliciousness), before venturing over to an area I hadn’t before.  On my way, I passed by a high-heeled Charlie Chaplin, window shopped at our newly opened neighbor Elemental, and stopped to watch some skateboarding going on in the street.

 Finally, making it to the secluded area behind Wynwood Walls I couldn’t help but notice a long line waiting to get inside a glow in the dark, black-lit, airstream…obviously I got in line.  Once inside, I felt transported back to the 90’s when black lights were all the rage, and immediately had an urge to go rollerblading.   Since I left those at home, I moved on to other attractions.

 Feeling as though I had taken in a substantial amount of new sights I headed back to the Product/81 Gallery for the remainder of the night where I was greeted by the beautiful hosts, and it was still packed with people.  I can really only describe so much, so my main point here is that if you have not been out to the Wynwood Artwalk yet there is no shortage of something new to see, or to do inside and outside of the Product/81 Gallery.  That’s just part of the allure of the Wynwood Artwalk…like the art itself, its always changing. 


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