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August 4, 2011 Fordistas Comments Off on

Infamous Sunset Blvd!

Check out those 80’s gas prices!

All Hail Liberace!

Only 1 hour to Vegas from here!

Anyone have a dollar?

Hollywood Rocks North Miami Avenue! 

A couple weeks ago, we hopped on our bikes and headed down the street to scope out the Rock of Ages set to see what was going on over there. We were impressed with the vast changes this slice of Miami real estate underwent almost overnight! The bloggers of visited the set in its early stages, which you can see and read about here

We arrived to a hubbub of activity from the production crew. Later, we learned that they were preparing for an all-night shoot with all it’s stars which included the likes of Tom Cruise, Russell Brand, Julianne Hough and Alec Baldwin just to name a few!

We cruised the block on our electric bikes and took some pics of the colorful buildings and set designs that transformed this usually drab intersection of N. Miami Ave. into a kaleidoscope corner of Heavy Metal, neon colored, flashy decadence and somewhat seedy glimpse of the Sunset Strip during the late 1980’s.

We were surprised to find that in the midst of all the movement happening around us that we caught the attention of most crewmembers that crossed our path.

At first we thought they were going to give us the “boot” for being nosy and photographing the set (What? were we not suppose to?) but were relieved to find that they were more interested in us, our chill’n looking bikes and our line of work, than scooting us off the premises! 

We chatted with the crew for a bit before the pounding heat from the sun forced us to wrap it up and return to home base. How could we forget Rule #5 – Don’t’ forget to hydrate! And although we didn’t get any juicy tips or leads about the filming of Rock of Ages or it’s stars, we were able to capture some pretty neat pics of the set! Did you happen to notice the gas prices of that Shell Station?  

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