Sunday, May 19, 2019

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MURAL HUNTING IN WYNWOOD: ¿Wewito, wewito, Where are you, Wewito?

In our fervent mission to document the art that is so expressively varnished throughout the walls of Wynwood, we discovered that someone had taken it upon themselves to stencil easter eggs (or wewitos as we like to call them) near some conspicuous (and sometimes inconspicuous) locations throughout the neighborhood. Although we are a little late to the party, these colorful eggs, numerically labeled  __ of 20 have been an obsession of ours in the past weeks and the hunt for all 20 eggs, while frustrating at times, has been an exciting search. So far, we have documented 11 eggs. And while the other 9 easter eggs continue to elude us, we give thanks to whomever “laid” these eggs for giving us something else to hunt for in addition to the endless murals around Wynwood.

P.S. If you spot an egg we have not found, be a good samaritan and give us a hint. 😉

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