Sunday, May 19, 2019

Things we have learned when Mural Hunting in Wynwood:

11:09 pm Fordistas Comments Off on Things we have learned when Mural Hunting in Wynwood:

#1) Make it a habit to go at least once a week! Because in this neighborhood, you’ll never know who you’ll meet!


#2) It’s Hot out there! Trekking it won’t take you far. Might as well take a Car. 


#3) When you find a wall you want to document, don’t feel rushed. Have a moment to take it all in. In fact, park the wagon and take a closer look! Bet you never noticed who was always there look’n back at you! 

All Seeing Eye! 

#4) SCRATCH THAT! Leave the bulky car behind and get motorized with an electric motor-bike! Now we’re talk’n! Awwwww Yeeeaahhhh….

Original Gangsta

#5) Even though you are sporting a chill’n look’n bike, remember that it’s summer out there and in Miami, the heat & humidity are unforgiving! So don’t forget to HYDRATE!

Thirsty Much?

#6) Never be afraid to go for the “Action Shot!”. Your photo album will thank us! =0)

Action ShotRobot Monkey Junk


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