Sunday, May 19, 2019

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Fordista Exhibition Series II

Saturday June 11 2011 at Product/81

Debut of Ista magazine & all new poster exhibition.

Live performance: La Mano Fria & Cobra Clutch Crew

“Creation of Ista from a printed zine to a video and a living wall installation. Translating culture through mulitmedia deconstructed gum tape graffiti.”

Deconstructive sounds fueled by Ess + Emm


New poster exhibitions by Team Panza & Super Yummie

Team Panza:
“1960-70 ford the nut bolts and steel of it all. Hacking together Ford parts to give birth to Panza prototypes that have been locked. Ready to rip outta my skull and explore new mental landscapes.”

Super Yummie:
“The 1950’s: the decade that brought us rockabilly, pop art wallpaper, soda shops and the Crown Victoria. Ford’s premier fleet of color saturated Fairlanes embodies and inspires superyummie’s colorful elixir.”

2311 NW 2nd Ave Wynwood Arts District Miami

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