Tuesday, July 16, 2019

New on the podcast: Lieutenant Raul Cernuda weighs in on what fire fighters do in Miami

Fordistas, the podcast is a series bringing to life the stories of artists, makers and innovators showing their work in South Florida and changing our cultural landscape.

Raul Cernuda is a Lieutenant for a South Florida Fire Department. Raul is a public servant and co-founder of Headstrong Heroes Foundation, a local organization working to serve those who bravely serve us. He also has a podcast by the same name.

Cris Ramos hosts this conversation that covers:

  • What a firefighter in South Florida does– it’s much more extensive that most of us realize
  • A first responder’s role in emergencies, like the past few hurricanes to hit Florida
  • Human connection for people in their hour of most need
  • What happens when we call 911
  • The Headstrong Heroes podcast, which is doing a great job starting a dialogue and voicing concerns for the silent heroes amongst us
  • Creative outlets for veterans and first responders and retiring reintegrating back into civilian life
  • Tough issues our local first responders are going through and how we can help

Please enjoy episode 5 of #Fordistas, the podcast with Nathalie Alfonso on:


For more information on Headstrong Heroes, the nonprofit, visit: https://www.hshfoundation.org/

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