Thursday, June 20, 2019

3 Powerful Motivational Themes: Tertulia Series

[ter-tú-li-a]: a social gathering with literary, artistic or cultural overtones; a neighborhood meeting of the minds.

In its conversation series, #Fordistas explores current, creative and thought-provoking topics vital to South Florida and creatives at large.

In the second series episode, we explore motivation. What does it mean to different people? What emotions and actions it is rooted in and derived from? Local creatives discuss what motivation means to them and how it’s transforming Miami. Sink your teeth into 3 motivational themes from this special Tertulia.


Play the long game

“Motivation is something that comes from inside and it has to do with the willingness to change–– long term.”

-Andrei Nana, Ultra Runner


Follow your anger

“Motivation comes from being inspired by others and also if you’re really upset at the status quo.

-Diliana Alexander, Indie Film Club Manager


Act with intention

“At the beginning of everything we do, we establish an intention. I’ve discovered it makes a huge difference if you’re doing something for yourself or if you’re doing something for others. If you’re intention is to benefit others, the outcome is always better.”

-Lama Karma Chotso, Buddhist teacher


Watch the second episode now.

A special thank you to this Tertulias guests who generously contributed their time and perspective.

Lama Karma Chotso, Buddhist teacher

Diego Martinelli, DJ & Entreprenuer

Andrei Nana, Ultra Runner

Memo Arias, Artist & Graphic Designer

Carlos Lange, Artist & Graphic Designer

Diliana Alexander, Indie Film Club Manager


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