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Arboles Libres, Raising the bar on amazing

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By: Pamela Wasabi – Fordistas Culture Correspondent

Ignorant are those who have blind eyes and do not support Miami’s natural local talent. The 60’s music and cultural peak might happen again 20 years from now. But at this moment, we have the opportunity to enjoy and admire those musical seeds that might succeed and keep growing like a snowball for when that time comes.

Arboles Libres, is a band we should all be proud of. If Friday at The Vagabond was your first encounter with the bilingual trio, your infatuation for them might’ve been the same as love at first sight. If you already know them, you are a fan head over heels for the band.

Nacho (vocals and guitar), Eddie (guitar), and Anthony (drums) literally raised everyone’s body temperature during their last performance. You could hear the music blocks away from the club, and when entering to the room, instead of being overwhelmed, you organically banged your head back and forth, sang out loud, or stood pretty hypnotized by the band.

Check out Arboles Libres’ website, buy their new album “Father,” and try it for yourself— it is something special that is happening right now….

Here’s our chat with Nacho

We have to start this conversation with Friday’s performance at The Vagabond. The ground was shaking from so much excitement, the club sang in unison, and the feeling of wanting Arboles Libres to succeed, today and always was very present. What did you feel in your heart during the performance?

Nacho: I could not stop smiling. It was such an amazing feeling to see everyone so excited to see Arboles Libres on the stage that night. We were really nervous 🙂

Coming from different backgrounds, although with some Latin influence in common. Which exactly is the aspect of music that runs through Eddie, Anthony and Nacho’s blood, that brought the three of you together?

Nacho: We’ve all been playing music for a couple of years and we all had played in other bands before. It felt like we were training for this moment. It’s been a great music experience for the 3 of us cause all we do is listen to music and share music that we individually discover. It’s like having our personal Pandora 🙂

The chemistry and family-like friendship is very noticeable when the band is playing, or when you guys are just hanging. When it’s not music, what else do you share or do together to keep such a strong bond?

Nacho: We like to chill drink some good beer, whisky. We go on vacation together, hahahah. I guess we are easy going dudes.

Arboles Libres just released the new album “Father.” What can you tell us of this character?

Nacho: “Father” describes the average hard working/dreamer that wont stop working until he makes his goals come true, Not just in music but in what he believes.

This album represents 3 years of a lot of work. It’s been such an amazing journey to get to this point. “Father” is one of the songs that helped us become a live band, we always have a blast playing that song.

On Friday, you probably noticed how the girls were bouncing their hair up and down, guys singing with their heart out, and just everyone going nuts for your music. We have our own Rock Stars! If that’s already been taking care of, what’s the next step in your music career to push Arboles Libres to the next level?

Nacho: TOUR. After releasing the cd locally we are working on a west coast tour, Puerto Rico and the East Coast 🙂

On a personal level, who do you have to thank that has been always there for you. Who has supported you in your dreams and goals?

Nacho: My friend Tamara, my mother, sister, Eddie has been a great friend before we played in Arboles Libres. He always been a great influence in my life 🙂

Do you remember the first time you came across with the idea of singing or playing an instrument? How far back does it go. How young were you?

Nacho: I was around 9 years old. I had a neighbor that used to play in a metal band, I remember hearing the band rehearse almost everyday. After that I became a music junkie.

Translate Arboles Libres into a image, or maybe a memory. How would this day or moment look, where would it be, who would you be with?

Nacho: We always picture the band in front of a really big crowd, upon the sunset, and even during a light drizzle, definitely amongst a music or arts festival, and with all of our friends. Arboles Libres is a festival band!

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