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Visual Electronic Architect, Psyber Pixie

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By: Pamela Wasabi – Fordistas Culture Correspondent

Our own visual artist, Manga super heroine, Psyber Pixie. Find her behind a couple of computer screens, and colorful light monitors that shoot through her silhouette—giving her that goddess-like aura.

She stands next to the booths of famous DJs and acclaimed artists, some of which you’d die to be next to too. She has traveled around the world hitting up the best music festivals and celebrations the globe has seen, yet always keeping an inviting smile. Pixie just completed her proudest project to date. A collaboration with Tommy Lee on his 360 Drum Ride, for his drum solo on KISS/ Mötley Crüe 2012 USA Tour.

With her bouncing graphics, holograms, and visuals she creates an image for every beat. If electronic music had a planet, Psyber Pixie would be the architect of their city of light.

Check out our colorful conversation with our own visual performer.

As an introduction to those that are not familiar with the electronic scene, what exactly does a VJ do?
A VJ is a visual artist/visual performer that mixes live visuals to DJ’s/live music. VJ’s also produce custom visuals for their shows, by creating and remixing 3D animations/graphics/film/video and any thing else under the sun.

We’ve thrown out there once that musical notes can be parallel to a color palette –our own philosophy. How do you combine these two? What are the similarities between one and the other that allows you to mix them up?
Chromatherapy is an ongoing research of mine, it is the most time consuming but the most rewarding when done right. The best way is when I get to collaborate with a musician, and I’m given the music track ahead of time. I can then take the rifs and analyze the notes/tones / and coordinate visuals with their assigned colors off their charts. Each color enhances a mood, radiates energy to the individual and environment.

You’ve performed more than 200 shows in the last 2 years. How do you balance your work with your personal life?
While touring there’s no time for a personal life…my daily life is shared with lot’s of people at all times. It’s non-stop busy from airports/hotels/venue set-ups/shows/after- shows/dinners/Skype meetings. I Vox/Skype/text/call/email my family and friends while I’m away to keep in touch. When i’m back in town I like to meet up with friends, and also perform at local shows so I get to see a lot of special people at once.

Ultra, Lollapalooza, Tiesto, Paul Van Dyke, Tommy Lee and the list goes on…. You have a pretty nice list of famous artists and festivals you’ve collaborated with. What’s the process to adapt to each and one of these very different personalities?
Research + Vibe! I try to find an element that attracts me to the artist.

When I get booked for a show, or by a DJ/band first thing I do is spend days listening to their music. It helps me visualize Ideas, and get a good vibe of the artist and sound I’ll be performing with.

Which where the first steps you took into becoming a VJ? Have you always known that’s what you wanted to do?
I started by gathering visual content, then came video gear, laptops, and lot’s of software. I’ve been going to electronic music events since the mid 90’s, I adored Visuals since first sight. The moment I saw the screens I knew that’s what I wanted to do, to VJ, create, share visual awareness and stimulate minds.

I’m gonna name a couple of colors. Can you tell us the first thing that comes to your mind when you think of each color?
Yellow: Awake
Pink:  Happiness
Gold: Power
Black: Void in Space

Has electronic music always interested you? Or did it came simultaneously with VJing…
Electronic music has always interested me, in the early days in the form of Depeche Mode, Kraftwerk and in likes of industrial, breakbeats, and Miami bass.

Fascinated with Japanese culture, I can’t help but noticed your Sailor Moon/Manga style, you have this Gothic Cyber Punk Lolita steez present in all of your performances. Where does your outfits come from? How can you keep such a consistent yet interesting fashion?
My custom outfits are made by two extraordinary fashion designers BLACK CHERRYS based out of Germany, and SHAMAN ELECTRO based out of Indonesia. 

I like to focus on one show look at a time, I communicate with my designers on who I’m performing with and where and share some ideas. I’m lucky to be working with very unique individuals in different parts of the world. It gives me an eclectic collection that I can easily mix and create several new looks from. 

Which were your favorite LOF acts? Do you have any special attraction to any of the DJs that performed?
RJD2 !! He came out with 4 Technic’s set up. He mixed it up old school like a pro DJ should. Had a great time visualizing his set. We don’t have enough trip-hop DJ’s come through Miami, or even lounges that play this style of music, it was a big treat! <p >DJ ICEY, with Ground Zero crew, they put on an amazing B-Boy performance. I love breakbeats!!

Also Felix Da Housecat, threw down serious groovalicious beats with out a doubt !! Always fun VJing with him.


Wasabi Quiz

Miami tastes like? Cotton Candy

Romanticism is necessary for … It is essential for all that derives from it …

I am proud of my … Self … i’m focused and happy.

I can’t live with out … My technotoys ( Laptops/DVJ’s/Mixers)  they fill my time with fun and magic.

What is Wasabi? Wake up call

The best kiss is like … When it wake up senses

Top 5 music wise: Electro – Breaks- Trip-hop – Techno

A hidden quality: Can’t disclose any

Favorite cartoon character. . . Leela from Futurama. She’s in command and has a heart

What do you wear to feel sexy? Heels, I like the feeling I get from new heights

Freedom in your own words:
Freedom to me, is the ability to express your thoughts and creativity. To be comfortable and happy within yourself and not have to adapt to any outside source: People,Media,TV. Live it up, loud and Free! Think for yourself, respect, and be kind!

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