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9:05 pm Fordistas Comments Off on Kazilla

By: Pamela Wasabi – Fordistas Culture Correspondent

Naturally attractive, spontaneously magnetic, beautifully enchanted… just a few ways to describe Kazilla’s muses and the dames of her paintings. High doses of color and splattered backgrounds that make you want to look and explore within it. That description might correspond to her paintings but the truth is, everything that she does seduces you. A Jack-ie of all trades, as she explains, describes more closely everything that she does. She is an all around artist and entrepreneur ready to make your world shake!

Check out our pleasure filled interview with the multitalented, beautiful, and simply cool chick, Kazilla. We met up with her during the Average Joe Art Sale at Yo Space.

What’s behind the journey between New Mexico and Miami. Did you leave some unforgettable lovers? Did you go to school? What can you tells us of the Kazilla before arriving to Miami…
Kazilla before Miami had a bad case of wanderlust. I still haven’t shaken it yet, but I spent a good amount of energy before coming here hoofing it around the states, mainly on the west coast. Once I came to South Florida, I decided to spend a bit of time here, go to art school, kick it on the beach and enjoy the mad culture and colors.

You are like a kaleidoscopic of talents. To name a few, your artists skills vary from designer to musician to graffiti artist to editor… How can we encompass all of this in one sentence?

Here are a few: Prismatic static spasmodic dispensary of color, culture and visual feasts.Jackie of all trades. Multiversatile creative. A savvy art savage. The miracle on Do It Yourself Street. The latchkey banshee.

Now, narrowing down to your paintings. There’s a beautiful muse present in almost every single painting I’ve seen. Who is she?
She is you. She is me. She is all my ladies, in my life. She is the beauty within and the power and potency of our vibrancy.

Who taught you how to draw? Who did you look up to before thinking you were an artist…
I’ve ALWAYS doodled. By the time I could hold a crayon in my hand I was making things. I always saw what was around me and drew pictures of it to pass the time and to give to friends and family. That behavior kind of stuck and made me into who I am today. The first artist that I found truly intriguing was my grandmother, who in her younger years ordered “Learn to Paint” booklets and created a few masterpieces of zebras and irises that I hang proudly in my casa today.

Sometimes artists get the fame of lazy, lollygagging, static beings. You, have shown exactly the opposite of this cliché. Can you tell us a little bit about your project Mutliversal, and why you felt the need to make it happen?
Multiversal was a non-profit collective I started in 2009 to cultivate and stimulate the local progressive creative in our community. It is a multidisciplinary platform for all walks of artistry to be hosted. It exposes people to what inspires me and my crew, so we would often do shows and events to showcase artists, fashion designers, performance artists, sculptors, animators, musicians, craft kids, filmmakers and more. Our biggest productions are our art fairs during Art Basel Miami. I am also working on a new project with threesixty365, a production company with the same premise, that provides those talents for the customer’s vision.

Can we assume, even though it’s a curse to do so, that you are going to stay with us for a while? Is there something about Miami that has you roots-ground with us?
Oh man, I honestly am going to be here for a little while longer. I have plans to move to Cali with my man at some point. He’s still in school for VFX though, so for the meantime I will be all over the Miami scene. I have the wanderlust, so I will be traveling here and there in the meantime, searching for lost souls, leaving some color where I go, and meeting some pretty cool cats and hip kitties along the way.

Where can we get an appointment with you to see your paintings or maybe have some custom work for WFK?
My studio viewings are available by appointment at YO Space, the artists spot where my work now resides. To contact me, check out my website
If you are with WFK you can roll thru anytime, we’ll sip tea, talk about longevity, and work on making the world around us a bit more crisp, and making some amazing custom stuff for all of Wasabi’s needs.


Wasabi Quiz
Miami tastes like? Snozzberries
Romanticism is necessary for …  The allure of life, without it we would live a lifeless existence.
I am proud of my … Newfound love in the art of culinary and using the highest quality and most potent grains and herbs in my meals, it makes life that much more delicious.
I can’t live with out …  Hats. I love hats.
What is Wasabi? The most flavorful, spicy, eye watering, temperature rising, green machine enhancer.
The best kiss is like … Soft, sweet and slow. It makes the moment last.
Top 5 music wise: Currently, Idilla, Little Dragon, Sbtrkt, Bonobo, herb Albert and the Tijauana Brass.
A hidden quality: I’m a total green thumb
Favorite cartoon character…  Daffy duck. He is the good guy and the bad guy, is never afraid to speak his mind, and always makes me laugh.
What do you wear to feel sexy? Cat eyes, big boots and feathers in my ears. It makes me feel powerful.
Freedom in your own words: Freedom is when you are no longer attached to any material thing that tethers you to the earth. Once you can walk away from it all into the wild beyond, then I feel real freedom.

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