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Rhymes, Ramonas, and Rock and Roll

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Fordistas Cultural Correspondent, Pamela Wasabi interviews Camila Saldarriaga

Many can follow trends, some have the luxury of buying at expensive designer boutiques, but few have innate talent of style, of taste, of fashion –those can’t be bought.

LiTTLE RAMONAS, aren’t ones to fit the script. They don’t try to imitate, they admire. Camila, Paula, and Mariana are spread around New York, Miami, and Bogota. With their fashion project they’ve created a style with roots and branches. Vintage meets bold Ramones meets a nostalgic poem that’s certainly contagious. A style hard to contain in one label, a style that evolves through its own winter and spring.

Check out our conversation with Camila Saldarriaga a.k.a Ramona Mia, and stay tuned at LittleRamonas.com with updates about their online boutique, productions, and parties.

Is fashion a way of expression? A style that defines you? What’s fashion for you?
My vision of fashion is an expression of my love for the artistic and human eye and not the perfectionism of the modern present day culture.

I don’t really have a particular style that defines me. My style varies, straying away from the mainstream. It changes depending on the mood and environment, but I always keep it simple by mixing current and vintage pieces. 

How did you end up on this path? What memories of your childhood influenced you to become a fashion addict?
It was never planned. In my youth, the focus of my outfits had always been a great vintage piece. Since then, my interest in fashion grew and many of my friends took notice of my style and I realized what a demand there is for vintage fashion. In 2007, I created “LiTTLE RAMONAS” with my business partner Paula Beltran.

LiTTLE RAMONAS, from what its name implies, we can expect a lot of rock and roll. How did music and fashion meet in this project?
Music, since the beginning has always been an inspiration for LiTTLE RAMONAS.  Many musicians and music videos from different eras have influenced our LR productions. Music is vital for our creative minds and it’s a must for us to have some good music in the background while we collaborate.

I also have styled and worked on different projects with musicians, such as Li Saumet from Bomba Stereo, Old Wives’ Tale, Palmbomen and others..

LR has 3 beautiful, and savvy leaders. What’s the story behind your friendship. How did LR come about?
Paula and I met around 2005 and together we discovered the love for vintage and music. In 2007 we joined and created LiTTLE RAMONAS as a community of vintage, photography and culture. Two years after that in New York, Mariana Puerta (Ramona Bogotá) crossed our paths and she became the new member of LR.

What’s the role of each one of you. How do you complement each other?
The three of us complement each other in many different ways. We are all focused on styling and photography, yet each one of us has it’s own role in LR.

Paula is the Creative Director, Mariana is in charge of production and Pop Up Store logistics and I am the Public Relations director. However, we all collaborate together to accomplish our goals.

Shifting to the business side; it’s evident that we’ve seen the online shops become a main avenue for brands and stores. In this case, we are also celebrating the launch of your online boutique. How can you reach your market? How can online replace all the benefits of being a physical store?
I see online shops as a great outlet, given that it reaches vintage lovers all over the world aside from just one specific place. I do miss the human interaction, however, my Miami studio is always available for private appointments.

Yes, as Ramona Miami, I will be launching my first online vintage boutique Golden Fox Shop, in two weeks. You will find eclectic pieces: from combat boots to tropical shirts.

Besides being a boutique, LR also offer the service styling, production, and wardrobe. So far, what has been your favorite project?
For this past month I have been focusing on having my online boutique ready. Working on my lookbook for now has been the project I have been most interested in. The concept behind it is showing the simplicity of fashion, with uncomfortable poses in combination with the contrast of urban and natural settings.

I had the opportunity to produce, photograph and style alongside a great photographer, so it gave me full control to execute my vision.  It was all shot analog, so we had different limitations and variables that made the photo shoot and post production more interesting.

 and now Miami. Where do you go shopping? What’s your favorite gem?
There are a couple of specific brands and boutiques that I like around Miami however, nothing excites me more than finding an exclusive vintage piece around the city. Miami is a gold mine when it comes to thrift stores.

I’ve had the opportunity to travel a couple of times to visit Berlin and Amsterdam given that my boyfriend lives between these cities. Weekday and Temporary Showroom are my favorite shops I’ve come to discover through my journeys in Europe.


Wasabi Quiz

Miami tastes like?Tropical
Romanticism is necessary for…
We all need to cuddle on Sunday
I am proud of my … My mentors, my family and friends that surround me.
I can’t live without … Sol, mar y piña colada
What is Wasabi? Spice
The best kiss is like … Kiss-Me-Quick – Sheena & the Rokkets 
Top 5 music wise:
Part time
Modern art
Blood orange
Sandii & The Sunsetz
A hidden quality: only a few know..
“Everything the golden fox touches turns into gold” by  Ramona.ny
Favorite cartoon character…  Pinky from pinky and the brain.. Spielberg
What do you wear to feel sexy? a BIG smile
Freedom in your own words:
The only thing we have left regarding freedom is our on creative freedom. 


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