Sunday, May 19, 2019

Brian Butler Takes a Mulligan!

9:16 pm Fordistas Comments Off on Brian Butler Takes a Mulligan!

June Artwalkers are probably all too well aware that the lights went out in Wynwood for a couple crucial hours last month. Specifically affected was that heavily-trafficked stretch of Second Avenue which is headquarters to Product/81, art house home of Fordistas. That the blackout happened between the hours of 6pm and 8pm not only meant the dimming of a prime time chunk of Second Saturday night, it left too many Second Saturday nighters in the dark about ace visualist Brian Butler’s Let’s Get Lost . Considering the wild wow of a show is immersed in, influenced by and mad with miniature golf, we’re taking a Mulligan and giving everyone a second chance to see first hand just how wowful is the work of this Miami-based wonderist.

 Even better, we’ve decided to up the very vivid visual ante and add the aural oomph of that kickass quartet known as Krisp. The many fans of this high-caliber band already know these young guns have a keen sense of what makes modern music click — and kick. And it’s a cinch there will be a tuned-in cadre of every-aged cool kids front and center when Krisp takes to Product/81’s makeshift stage. Those few who don’t yet know about either Brian Butler or Krisp can consider this Mulligan a second chance to have a first look and a first listen to how right this minute both looks and sounds.

Read all about the kicks you’re gonna get from Krisp here.

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