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Jacques Smith

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Some weeks ago, in the midst of a hipster, artsy wave we felt attracted to stop by Lester’s in Wynwood. In front of the café window, individuals with pink hair, square glasses, dressed with vintage lace dresses, jean overalls, and flowers in their hair hung outwaiting for Jacques Smith’s fashion auction.

Jacques Smith, is a Nashville fellow that drives a zebra printed pick-up truck, dresses in animal prints constantly, and often comes up with unusual ways of mixing fashion, entertainment and nightlife. He not only dedicates his time to embroidering vintage finds, he makes sure to interact with his clients too. Jacques wants to present fashion to them not just as simple clothing, but as an accessory not to take too seriously, and to enjoy a moment or a day wearing it.

He also has a blog where he interviews his clients, asking them their favorite fruit, cocktail, sign, and color. Jacques tries to match up or create stories than can relate the clothing with his fans and customers.

Enough talking about Jacques, let him explain what’s behind his turquoise and out-of-the-box thinking….


For someone that has no idea what’s going on behind Lester’s doors…What’s going on?

Today we are having a fashion auction. I’m auctioning off one-of-a-kind pieces that I’ve created myself with appropriate vintage clothing and embroideries that my mother makes. I want do a fun auction, I kind of like play around with capitalist modes, and new modes… productive ways of spending money.

How were you inspired to do an auction for this event?

I went to this auction in the MIA airport when the Lost & Found department was auctioning lost suitcases. Anyone could buy these suitcases, but had no idea what it was inside. I’ve lost a lot of suitcases before, and now I know what happens.


Do we have lost & found suitcases here today?

I packed magical boxes filled with clothing I made, other objects that I have, and fun little thing. It adds a mystery aspects to this event as well.

What other fashion/night/experiences do you like to put together?

I like to do pop-up stores, I mostly do nightlife events. I go to a party and do what I like to call “Party Styling.” Someone wants to exchange what they are wearing, they borrow it [from Jaques Rack] for the night and bring it back at the end, or they can purchase it, I’m open to anything.

I try to find new modes to do these kind of pop-up events to make a living and entertain people.


Have you been back to your “hometown” Nebraska?

I haven’t lived there in a while I moved away when I was 17 to go college in Providence. I studied modern culture and media at Brown. Then I went to Berlin, stayed there for a while, then came to Miami, New York and New Orleans, and came back here.

How did you become involved with fashion?

My parents have an embroidery business. My mother does all the pieces that I use. I will always custom made my own clothes. I wiould tell my mom, “I got a design, put this on a jacket.” So I thought I would be a nice way to continue with my parent’s business and make a living for all of us.


What are you wearing today?

Today I’m wearing my absolute favorite shorts, I got them in NY. These boots I stole them from a flea market in Berlin. There were just 2 Euros but didn’t feel like paying for them. They are very uncomfortable but I love them! This tie, I got it in Nashville and put the fly on it. The shirt is Calvin Klein vintage. I put the zebra sunglasses in there, and then this pink blazer got it here in Miami. The nails are Sally Halsen stickers I put them in the car on my way here.

And your hair, does it change color constantly?

I just did the purple last night, I went to the store to get some turquoise –because I love turquoise, but they didn’t have any, so I tried this color this time. 

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