Monday, April 22, 2019


You’ve waited nearly two long weeks to find out the results of the first SFF QB Challenge featuring Ryan Tannehill. As a reward for your patience, we’ve given you a 2-0 start – the first since 2002 (you’re welcome). The Home Opener on Sunday is one of the most anticipated Dolphins games in a long time. In fact, it’s nearly sold out.

In challenge one, we gave Ryan 10 balls and 5 targets. Simple enough. But what kind of challenge would that be for our soon-to-be superstar? We took salvaged doors from Ford vehicles, turned them into works of art custom painted by local graffiti artists, and put them smack in his way.

Check out the results on YouTube.

SCOTT ANTHONY REA –  YOU will be joining us on Sunday with 2 tickets and passes to the Ford Sideline Club and Lounge. Email for details.

Everyone else that participated: Challenge #2 drops before kickoff Sunday and will be good for tickets to the following home game against the Ravens. Let’s just say they’ll get tougher and tougher for Tan.

But the prizes don’t end there…

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