Wednesday, June 19, 2019

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The Auto Show is here!

Da Baws!

Front and Center for all to see!

Meet Hank! Gymkhana anyone?

Is that a pool table? Rack ’em up!

This Raptor is Vicious!

ista on site

Memory Lane with the Model A

The CROWN Victoria!

Gentlemen… Start Your Engines!

The South Florida International Auto Show has taken over the Miami Beach Convention Center and it is a car lovers FANTASY! As soon as you enter you are greeted by the Boss himself. The 2012 Ford Mustang Boss 302 Laguna Seca edition to be precise, and this year’s official show car of the Auto Show.  This is some intimidating piece of American made machinery! In fact, I think my custom Mustang did some one-on-one battle time against this exact model in the Ford Mustang Customizer Website! (Have you battled lately?)… Something tells me that my stang was not so victorious!

As we passed through the threshold of the convention centers entrance, we were first greeted by the FORD display with the newest additions to their family proudly showcased for us to see. From the new Ford Taurus SHO to the always impressive Ford Explorer. After spending some “getting to know you” time with each car we noticed a quirky little thing roped off to one side of the show room floor. Too small to be an actual car, (or COULD it?!) but interesting enough for us to take a closer look. There she was, looking as impressive as its larger cousins was a pool table with a classic Mustang body kit complete with working headlights, ready for you to challenge your buddy to a game of eight ball. 

After an intense game of pool and with $20 less in my pocket, we headed to the back of the convention center to take a stroll down memory lane. There we got to marvel at all the classic looks of the cars that defined their time. 

All in all it was an exciting day of exploring, dreaming, and hands on experiences for all sorts of car enthusiast. 

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