Monday, April 22, 2019

October 28, 2011 Fordistas Comments Off on


On one of our SEVERAL trips across the street to Panther Coffee (we simply CAN’T get enough of their brew!) we came across this unexpected beauty stationed outside, garnishing some commanding curb appeal.  We found ourselves with no other choice but to investigate this further as the car’s unique look captivated us in such a way that it pulled us in its direction, pressing us to take a closer look. Enter nerd reference here: “Scotty, activate the tractor beam!”  

The owner of this vintage Ford Ranger definitely went out of his way to personalize this vehicle to his liking. Making it probably the only Ranger of its kind on the streets of Miami. From the Dos Equis gear shifter, to the poncho style seat covers, topped off by the hula girl on the dash! 

And while it might not seem like much to others, this Fordista can rest easy knowing that he is the owner of a remarkable truck! 

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