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Yesterday, we were granted special access for a tour of the new Marlins Ballpark. While the facility still has some ways to go until it is properly unveiled to the public, with about 78% of the construction completed, it was fairly easy to conceptualize and foresee all the amazing perks, and striking visual aesthetics this new Ballpark will offer the City of Miami.

We arrived at the construction site located where the mighty Orange Bowl once stood, wide eyed and full of anticipation like children at a theme park! We geared ourselves up with Marlins logoed hard hats and shockingly yellow and orange safety vests before heading out to the live construction site. I believe “sexy” was the word to describe our group’s look!

Karl, our tour guide, led us into the building where he took us straight to left-field where the much talked about pool area would be situated. There, he went on to tell us that they just announced a partnership with the famous Clevelander as they will open a satellite club for up to 120 guests complete with dancers, table service and field-level seating. The general consensus of the group was pretty much the same throughout as we all lifted our eyebrows in mischievous fun-loving interest. We’re in South Florida! Who doesn’t love a good pool party?

We were then taken to the promenade level of the building which had the best views of both inside the ballpark and outside as we saw in the far distance the unmistakable silhouette of the City of Miami. We proceeded to follow Karl and walked the circumference of the building stopping occasionally for photo opportunities and questions. As we progressed, we couldn’t help but notice the tiles on the wall made gradual transitions from yellow to green then blue and finally red. This of course is the visual representation of “Miro’s Palette”, the color phrase in which the stadium was modeled after.

We eventually came full circle as we ended the tour where we first entered. It was at this moment that we realized how lucky we were to get a first look of what promises to be an amazing ballpark that will undoubtedly change the landscape of this city for the best! We give thanks to the Marlins Organization for their hospitality and look forward to sharing several one-of-a-kind experiences with them in their new home!

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