Sunday, May 19, 2019

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Last week we lost one of our FAVORITE mural walls as it had succumbed to the pitfalls of Real Estate development and growth. You can see the demolition in action as the bloggers of Culture Designers were there to see it come down brick by brick.  

Although we are saddened to see the wall go, as advocates of the Wynwood Arts District and it’s flourishment, we look forward to welcoming the new addition that will eventually occupy the corner of N.Miami Avenue and 21st Street. And while it is not the first mural to have met it’s end since our arrival to the neighborhood, this visually impactful change is a sharp reminder of the importance of getting out there and documenting the walls that made the Wynwood Arts District what it is today and as a result, what it will become in the days to come.   

Here are some of the amazing images we captured of this wall during one of our Mural Hunting in Wynwood trips, and the rubbled aftermath that remained. 

“The Shelf Life of a Mural is a Short One in Deed!”

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